Papo’s Beer Cheese

Papo's Beer Cheese
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Papo's Beer Cheese
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  1. Put everything in a stand mixer, and beat until smooth. It should be a spreadable consistency when done. Check for seasoning, and adjust to your family's taste.
  2. Store in small containers, and use with crackers, pretzels, or crudites. Also great on burgers, sandwiches, stuffed in Peppadew peppers or celery, and pasta!
Recipe Notes

You absolutely need your cheeses at room temp for this, otherwise the mix won't come together. Aside from the base of cheeses, all the seasonings that follow are adjustable to your tastes.

The final product should not taste like beer; I know, weird, given the name.  If you're gluten intolerant, go ahead and use a nice, light GF beer like Bard's Gold or Green's Amber Ale.

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